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Turning Point Life University offers mentoring to nearby the resident in nearby apartment complexes. We strive to teach and train families to function as a unit while doing individual tasks in activities of daily living.   This program also includes resources from external partners.

  • Life-skills classes

  • 1-1 mentoring 

  • Group mentoring

  • Childcare provisions during life skill classes

  • GED or high school equivalency courses

  • Higher Education Courses

  • Computer Certifications

  • Family & Community Service Certification

  • Counseling Programs  (click here)

  • Food & Clothing Connections

  • Family Services (men, women, youth and children programs)

  • Prayer

  • In-Home Bible Lessons (click here)

When you visit Turing Point You will immediately notice the energetic worship service! We believe that we were created to give God the praise and the glory. We have witnessed on numerous occasions that. “If you do it the Bible way, you get the Bible results.”


Turning Point is located in the heart of Lawrence township in Indianapolis, Indiana. The community that surrounds the church is our focus.


There is something for everyone! Form Youth to senior programs, there is a place for you and your family. So join us!

Visit our Website:

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